Welcome to the official site of DHS Informatika!

Since the institution of Q-TRONIC company in 2000. our firm is constantly working on and developing queue management systems. It is our specialists merit that near individual salesmanship our high-quality products can be found in other in- and outland manufacturers/distributors systems too.
Our company's operation areas are the realization of the different electronical, informatical and banktechnological developements. The members of the group are specialized to the following 5 lines of conduct:

  1. Dinamic public transportation displays (eg: on-board displays, bus stop displays, intelligent bus stop information boards, kommunication konverters)

  2. Serving banks, corporate enterprises, branches and stores of service companys and local governments' customer service/care offices with machines, equipments, and with systems. (Queue management systems, information terminals, banknote verifying automatics, exchange displays.

  3. Check in systems, installation of observer cameras and innovating individual software modules to these.

  4. Planning different electronical information and advertising surfaces, for individual needs and requests. (For example: 1,2 or full coloured LED surfaces, info surfaces in arc or round format, price displayers for petrolstations tariffs.)

  5. Developing and manufacturing soft- and hardware components for the operation of automatics in pharmacys. (Automatic medicament selling automates.)

Our purpose is to help our partners work with those equipments which are developed, made and distributed by our company. We can upgrade your customer service/care offices, branches and make it nicer, better for being more efficient. We are ready to invent all such individual appliances and systems which are accommodating in reputation and in technical background to our already existing systems. Thanks to the individual design of our equipments we can fix/gear them optionally to the image of the actual firm. To this provides a suitable support our industrial designer, electonical and production developer, software developer and engineer specialist team together with our manufactory wich is responsible for the fabrication. The activity of our firm embraces the full product generating process from the individual designing to the standardized production so the high-class quality is guaranteed.

Our firm and the distinguished quality being attached to the name of it is represented by our distributors in and out side of Hungary.

Through the continuous vocational training of our workmates we can always serve our clients with the best and last technical and content solutions according to their individual claims.

Our inventions are present from year to year on the CeBIT information technology Expo.

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